European Federation of Productivity Services


The EFPS is an independent non-governmental, non-political and non-profit European federation of organizations, concerned with matters of industrial and commercial productivity and efficiency.

The language used for communication within the EFPS is English.

The European Federation of Productivity Services - EFPS was established on June 16, 1961 and is today registered in Hamburg, Germany, under German Law.



The general purpose of the EFPS is:

  • To promote knowledge of the application of productivity services in its broad sense throughout the countries of Europe;
  • To promote, stimulate and support the development of the practice and the techniques of industrial and commercial productivity and efficiency done by its member organizations;
  • To provide a contact network for the exchange of information and ideas between organisations throughout Europe which are concerned with productivity in all sectors of the national economies;
  • To stimulate and establish contacts between member organizations as well as with representatives of other organizations, groups or individuals, active or interested in methodologies and techniques or subjects related to any field of interest for the EFPS;
  • To establish and organize groups for inter-European experience exchange on the development and application of knowledge in the EFPS membership professions;
  • To initiate conferences, congresses, seminars and working parties in areas of common interest for the membership.



Membership is open to any registered non-profit and non-political organization broadly concerned with industrial and commercial productivity and which subscribes to the federation aims.

Non-European organizations confirming to the above patterns may join as `corresponding` organizations and receive all the benefits of membership but without representation in the management committees or voting rights.

Organizations desiring to become members of the EFPS shall apply for membership in writing to the Secretariat.



The board of EFPS is composed of:

  • President                        Dr. Hans Fischer, Germany
  • Vice President                 Ton Polman, Netherlands
  • Executive Secretary         Richard Fitzgerald, Germany

Our mission

  • We provide excellent productivity, work beneficial to health and a high level of motivation.
  • We use Industrial Engineering to design business processes and work systems efficiently and continuously improve them.
  • We train Industrial Engineers with a main accent on cross-cultural components to provide high transparency and broad acceptance of identified solutions to design or improve business processes.
  • We focus on productivity potential in the fields of manufacturing industry as well as in the service sector.
  • We also offer training courses to global players but also to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • We create a space for dialog among industry, service and science.

Foundation of the European Institute of Industrial Engineers

EFPS is the exclusive benefactor of the “Foundation of the European Institute of Industrial Engineers” (EIIE) which exists since 1988.

The purpose of this European Institute is special training of industrial engineers in Europe following corporate rules of all member organizations of EFPS with the intension to award the title “European Industrial Engineer” based on common standards and cross approval.

These standards are referring to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and assure a state of the art education of industrial engineers with a main accent on cross-cultural components.

The EIIE is registered in Hamburg, Germany.

The directorate of EIIE is elected by the EFPS board – normally the members of EFPS board are also directors of EIIE.


European Institute of Industrial Engineers

EFPS founded the European Institute of Industrial Engineers in 1988.



  • The foundation will acknowledge the training for " European Industrial Engineer" according to the principles set up by the national member associations of the EFPS and confer the title European Industrial Engineer (EuroIE) to those who meet the requirements.
  • The advancement of Industrial Engineering, Productivity and Management Services as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience in these fields by means of
    • supporting research projects and
    • co-operating and exchanging experiences with other institutes and organisations in this and similar fields.
  • The member organisations of EFPS offers the EuroIE training courses locally