Our misson

  • We provide excellent productivity, work beneficial to health and a high level of motivation.
  • We use Industrial Engineering to design business processes and work systems efficiently and continuously improve them.
  • We train Industrial Engineers with a main accent on cross-cultural components to provide high transparency and broad acceptance of identified solutions to design or improve business processes.
  • We focus on productivity potential in the fields of manufacturing industry as well as in the service sector. 
  • We also offer training courses to global players but also to small and medium-sized businesses. 
  • We create a space for dialog among industry, service and science.


European Industrial Engineer

The seminar is based on fundamental knowledge of work and time study. In seven units with 40 or 32 hours each, the competence to secure and increase the national and international competitiveness of the company and its staff is imparted to the participants.


European Federation of Productivity Services

The goal of EFPS is to improve the knowledge and expertise of technical and business employees in the application of tools and methods of Industrial Engineering.